The Search Engine for Hotel Deals

Hotel Deals Finder works a lot like a search engine for hotel deals because of the way it simultaneously searches through over 30 different hotel websites for the lowest available room rates. This ensures that you always get the best possible deal and it never takes you more than a few seconds to find it.

There’s no point in wasting your time going to other hotel websites looking for a great deal when Hotel Deals Finder will save you time and money by looking through all of the rates offered by these other sites in just a few seconds.

Hotels in Cities All Around the World

Whether you’re looking for a hotel in huge city like London, NYC, Tokyo, Moscow, Paris, or Los Angeles or you are looking for a hotel in a not so big college town like Blacksburg, Virginia you will be able to find what you are looking for with Hotel Deals Finder.

Sort Hotels by Amenities

If you’re looking for a hotel that is pet friendly and/or one that has a swimming pool then you can check the boxes for those features under the “Features” heading on the left of the hotel search results (this is a part of the “Refine Your Search” sidebar.)

When you put a check a hotel feature then all of the hotels that do not have that feature are automatically removed from the hotel search results. This makes it easy to find the perfect hotel for your needs.

For example you can list just the hotels in Chicago that have a swimming pool, parking, high-speed internet, and are pet friendly.

Sort Hotels by Location

By using the “Location Distance” tab on the left you can find the hotels that are closest to any particular neighborhood or landmark in your destination city. For example if you’re going to New York City you can find hotels that are near Times Square.

Sort Hotels by Price

You can use the price slider on the left or sort by price at the top of the hotel search results to find hotels in your price range. If you want to  sort the hotels by lowest price to find discount hotels then it’s a good idea to put a check in the “Hotels” box under the “Property Type” tab otherwise you are likely to get a lot of hostels listed which while they are very inexpensive are probably not where you want to stay (unless you don’t mind sharing a room & bathroom with random strangers.)

Find Luxury Hotels

Click on the four and/or five star boxes under the “Star Ratings” tab on the left or alternatively sort by star rating at the top of the hotel search results in order to find great deals on luxury hotels in your destination city.

Find Popular Hotels

Another great option is to sort hotels by “Popularity” this lets you see which hotels other people using the system commonly choose. Among these you will likely find some excellent discount hotel options.

Combine Searches

You can combine all of these different factors in order to really narrow down the list of hotels that the system gives you.

For example you can not only find hotels that are near Times Square in NYC but you can narrow down that list to include only those hotels that are near Times Square that are also rated as four stars, are pet friendly, have a fitness room/gym, provide an airport shuttle, and are under $400/night.

Verified Guest Reviews

Do you want to know what previous guests thought of a hotel that you’re considering? Hotel Deals Finder makes it easy with verified guest reviews for every hotel in the system.

You can see whether previous guests thought the staff were friendly, whether the rooms were clean, whether the beds were comfortable, and whether the location was convenient among many other helpful bits of information that will allow you to make an informed decision on where to make your reservations.